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I empower you on an exciting self-discovery journey with my unique coaching guides, tools and programs designed to transform your life in an simple, fast and fun way.

Rediscover Your True Self, Live Your Dream Life

This Space Is For Seekers

Are You a Meaning Seeker

constantly thinking about "Who am I” and "What am i doing in this world?"

Are You a Authenticity Seeker

tired of conforming? Ready to live life on your own terms?

Are You a Purpose Seeker

ready to make a impact with your gifts, talents and skills but don’t know where to begin?

Are You a Harmony Seeker

who is juggling life's impossible demands with zero grace?

Are You a Productivity Seeker

who never has time and your energy is always drained?

Are You a Wellbeing Seeker

seeking to balance energies of life, wondering how to make self-care easy?

Who do I Work With?

I would be of value to you if you are . . .

Experiencing emptiness or lack of fulfillment.

Struggling with confidence or self-esteem.

Longing to discover purpose for meaningful impact.

Unsure of your passions and values, to live an authentic life.

Navigating major life changes and feeling lost.

Struggling with work-life balance and neglecting self-care.

Craving genuine connections and deeper relationships.

Ready to unleash the best version of yourself.

Seeking guidance in creating a live of your dreams but don't know where to start.

How Can We Work Together?

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Begin your transformative journey towards a more meaningful life today by exploring our free resources – the perfect first step towards your dream future

1:1 Coaching
Self-Guided Life-Kits
Micro Life Tools With Mega Impact

When aiming for a specific goal with limited time, prioritize and choose a life tool addressing your most pressing challenge.

Choose the ideal coaching guide with a comprehensive toolkit tailored to your needs. Our Life-kits feature practical activities to support you on your transformative journey.

Unlock your full potential with personalized coaching programs of your choice individually or with a group of friends & family .

Public Programs

Experience the power of collective growth and shared insights Check the calendar for the upcoming program and join like minded individuals on the quest for life.

Discover What Matters

I am here to help you prioritize what matters in life, guiding you towards your purpose and fulfilment with tools and resources in a fun and exciting way.

Who Am I?
I am a corporate escapee turned into a "life'o'holic and a meaningful life coach.

My purpose is to guide brilliant individuals, like you, in reclaiming the vibrant essence of life and rocking it beyond your wildest dreams. With a touch of self-assurance, a gentle push of tough love, and a wealth of life coaching expertise, I ignite the spark within you to soar effortlessly. This journey is exhilarating, surpassing all expectations, and I am truly grateful to embark on it as my lifelong passion.

Hi! I am Sharjeel.

Invest in your true self as much as you invest in your corporate self.

Coaching Programs

A Quest for Self-Discovery
A Quest for Life Purpose
A Quest for Productivity

Coaching Tool Kits

Here's what our happy clients say

Participating in ‘A Quest for Life Purpose’ was a pleasantly surprising journey. The process was simple yet structured and profound, guiding me through deep self-discovery. I had fun envisioning my ideal world and exploring how my skills and gifts could shape it. This program left me inspired and ready to live a purposeful life.”

- Mehreen Qureshi

“Before joining ‘A Quest for Meaningful Life,’ I felt lost and adrift. The program became my compass, guiding me toward purpose and clarity. The discussions on ego versus higher being resonated deeply, and I discovered how our core needs shape our life choices. This transformative journey left me with renewed focus and a profound sense of meaning.”

- Samad Latif

“Before joining the program, I was a people pleaser and an empath, often neglecting my own needs and preferences. I felt inauthentic, living a version of myself that didn’t align with my true identity. Through the program, I discovered a self that was vastly different from what I’d been taught. Finding my authentic self has significantly improved the quality of my life, and I’m grateful for this transformative experience.”

- Ann Gould

"My life was a chaotic blur—I raced from one fire to another, time slipping through my fingers like sand until I attended ‘A Quest for Productivity’. It wasn’t just about managing minutes; it was about understanding the symphony of productivity. Now I’m the conductor of my days. Purposeful. Intentional. Thriving.

- Umair Azeem

At A Quest for Life, we help individuals find purpose, passion, and fulfillment. Our coaching guides, tools and experiences offer a fast, fun, and effortless way to unlock your true potential.

You have to do it on your own, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Join our community of fellow Seekers now for a dose of inspiration, support, and maybe even a sprinkle of magic!

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