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Program Outline:

Module 0: Introduction to Self-Discovery

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, setting the stage for uncovering your true identity, potential and purpose for authentic living.

Module 1: Core Identity

Dive deep into your current personal story, peeling back layers of societal conditioning to reveal your authentic self.

Module 2: My World View

Assess and understand your world views, exploring 25 important concepts of world-view that shapes your life, setting the foundation for self-knowledge.

Module 3: How True is My Reality?

Transform your perception to reshape your reality. Understanding to critically looking at your current perception of reality through the lens of Faith, Feeling and Fact. Move from victim to creator and taking full charge of your life.

Module 4: What Matters to Me the Most - My Core Values

Identify and prioritize your core values, aligning your life with what truly matters to you.

Module 5: My Core Beliefs - Human Operating System

Uncover and challenge the core beliefs that limit your potential, replacing them with empowering truths.

Module 6: What and Who Drives Me? - Understanding My Emotional Needs

Explore the six emotional needs that drive your actions, and determine whether your ego or higher self is in control.

Module 7: My Navigation System

Develop critical thinking and learn to navigate life using emotions, intuition, and logic for better decision-making.

Module 8: Empowering Beliefs

Challenge limiting beliefs and create empowering new ones to support your personal and professional growth.

Module 9: My Potential - Which Career Should I Explore

Discover your unique intelligences and talents to identify the areas for expertise to focus on and prosper in your work and career.

Module 10: My 11 Biggest Assets - Unleashing Your Assets

Recognize and harness your top 11 natural assets, like attitude, focus, and imagination, to maximize your life’s potential.

Module 11: Am I Living Intentionally or Reactively on Auto-Pilot?

Assess your level of intentional living and learn to manage your assets for a purposeful life.

Module 12: What Brings Me Joy? - Short-Term Purpose

Identify what brings you joy and how to protect it, aligning with your short-term purpose to feel fulfilled in the now.

Module 13: What Am I Doing Here? - Long-Term Purpose

Discover your long-term purpose and create a life direction that aligns with your body, mind, and soul.

Module 14: My New World View

Adopt a new world view based on updated perspectives and core beliefs for a renewed outlook on life.

Module 15: My New Core Identity

Reconstruct your core identity with new beliefs, crafting a powerful and authentic personal story.

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